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Laura Tsaggaris
    "Live At The Atlas" CD
Ken & Brad Kolodner
    "Swift House" CD
    "Skipping Rocks" CD
Owen Danoff
    "Never Trust A Man"
          2012 EP
    (Narnia DVD
Discovery Channel
Carey Creed
    "Small Braveries" CD
    "Peace of
      Wild Things" CD
Thomas Pandolfi
    "Polish Masters" CD
    "Into The Night -
      with Gershwin" CD
    Live Show DVD
    "Ain't Gonna Hush" CD
    "Live & Uppity" CD
JP Reali
Eureka Moment
    "Tilting at Windmills" CD
    "Finally Catching On" CD
T. Edwin Doss
Dead Men's Hollow -
    Winner WAMA
    "Best Debut
        4 CD projects
Jody Marshall
    2 WAMA
    3 CD projects
Eddie From Ohio
    "Quick" CD
The Nighthawks
    3 CD projects
Gia Mora
Scott Ramminger
Mz. Imani
    "They Dreamt
        About Us" CD
Olney Big Band
    "Generations" CD
John Guillory
Bobbe Shore
Franklin & Marshall
  College -
    "Benjamin -
      The Opera"
Chaise Lounge
Abigail Palmer
Branson Skinner
Peat and Barley
    "Silver Lining" CD
Seven Mile Walk
    "He Knows Me" CD
The Hubcaps
Steve Bloom
Three Seconds
  of Silence
Maggie's Music
Michael &
   Randy Brecker
    Section -
      Concert DVD
Wolf Trap Farm Park
Alligator Records
Anton Fig
Gypsy Meltdown
Sanjay Mishra
J Street Jumpers
Charlie Barnett
Ann Rabson
Blues Alley
Michael Josephs
Frank Cocuzzi
Norwood School
   Festival Concert Chesapeake
Juniper Lane
Rude Buddha
John Cocuzzi
The Rub
The Smithsonian
Stu Gardner
Bruce Ewan
Capitol Steps
Barbra Streisand
National Geographic
2 Bare Feet
Another Day
The Accidentals
Fox Television
"Living Single"
Danny Gatton
Cindy Cain
Julia Rose
Ritmo Junction
Susan & David Allen
Jean Racine
Andrew Acosta
History Channel
The Velveteens
Trouble Funk
Aster Aweke
     Most Wanted"
Paul Christianson
Pete Kennedy
Treble Makers
Velocity Girl
Dave Anderson Trio
Keter Betts
John Van Horn
Anton Fig
Bill Appleberry
Gee Kim
Glen Fortenberry
Larry King
Monkey Paw Records
Sally Martin
Basement Boys
Big Sur
Chuck Brown
C. Everett Coop
Debbie Benner
E. U.
Mass Order
Reader's Digest
Vinnie Valentino
Hyon Lee
Larry King
Marge Calhoun
Michael Oberman
Radio Blue
Michael Fath
Bound For Glory
The Meatmen
Grace Griffith
Johnnie Artis
Michael Roach
Emmitt Carroll
Full Stop
2 Live Crew
Deborah LaPuma
Sheryl Bailey
Diana Stagnato
Steve Hancoff
Keith Killgo
Peter Kater
Telahun Gessesse
Sue Matthews
Checkered Cabs
Todd Freneaux
Rambo Willie
Type O
Mark Brooker
Choir Boys
Jeff Herge
Grand Mal
Ducks On Mars
Dream Kitchen
Eighth Route Army
Clear Vision

Below are clips of some of the projects I've done, along with a listing of clients I've worked with. Thanks to the artists, producers, record labels, and video networks for allowing me to post examples of their recordings.

Chris and Kevin in London

RHL Audio Recording with Cubase
Ken & Brad Kolodner - The Swift House
Ken & Brad Kolodner
"The Swift House"

We recorded Ken & Brad Kolodner's CD "The Swift House" in their lovely, old house in Baltimore, Maryland. French doors between the living room and sun room gave us enough isolation, but still allowed visual contact. This is part of a medley where they transition from "Coleman's March" into "Snake River Reel." Ken & Brad Kolodner - Coleman's March/Snake River Reel

Whenever possible, we had all four musicians playing together. Ken & Brad are joined by Rachel Eddy on guitar, and Alex Lacquement on bass for "I've Endured." Ken & Brad Kolodner - I've Endured

Ken & Brad at the WAMU studio playing "The Swift House" with Alex Lacquement on bass.

Laura Tsaggaris - Live At The Atlas
Laura Tsaggaris
"Live At The Atlas"

The Atlas Performing Arts Center in northeast Washington DC was where I recorded the Laura Tsaggaris concert CD titled "Live At The Atlas." She had a great backing band, including a string quartet. This is a clip of "Warning Signs." Laura Tsaggaris - Warning Signs

I recorded both nights of Laura's show, then it was mixed in Los Angeles by her producer Jamie Candiloro. Here is an excerpt from "We Belong." Laura Tsaggaris - We Belong

And check out her vdeo clip of "To Sleep Is To Dream", also from the Atlas concert.

Chaise Lounge Symphony Lounge
Chaise Lounge
"Symphony Lounge"

Another project I recorded live at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in northeast Washington DC was the Chaise Lounge concert CD titled "Symphony Lounge." The band performed their material, backed by the Capital City Symphony. This original piece is titled "Dude, She's Waiting." Chaise Lounge - Dude, She's Waiting

I mixed this CD in my home studio, and when Big Round Records released it, they included bonus materials such as the original scores, viewable on your computer. Here is an excerpt from "In Walked Mo." Chaise Lounge - In Walked Mo

This video of "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me" is also from the Atlas concert.

Owen Danoff - Never Trust A Man
Owen Danoff
"Never Trust A Man"

I recorded Owen Danoff and his band in autumn of 2012 at
Jon Carroll's home in Leesburg, Virginia. We got 5 rhythm tracks
and some over dubs finished in 2 days. This is a clip
from "On & On & On."
Owen Danoff - On & On & On

After the two days I spent recording them, producer Jon Carrol took over. He recorded the rest of the over dubs including his own vocal, guitar and keyboard parts, and then did the mixing.
Here is an excerpt from " Have I Ever Fallen."
Owen Danoff - Have I Ever Fallen

Carey Creed  - Small Braveries
Winner of the 2012
WAMA Award for
Best Folk

It was a great pleasure to work with Carey Creed on her latest CD. We co-produced the project, and I recorded and mixed it. She brought in a group of wonderful, talented musicains who all worked extremely hard to help Carey express what was in her heart. Here is a piece of "Dance With Your Sacred Body," written by Carey. We did most of the recording at her home in Maryland. Carey Creed - Dance With Your Sacred Body

Carey decided to go with an "island style" groove on this one, and Paul Bell's acoustic guitar groove just propelled the song forward. He then added a percolating guitar part, followed by a wonderful solo that just dovetails seemlessly back into the bridge. Here is a clip of  "Shine All Your Light" Carey Creed - Shine All Your Light'

This song features guitar work by Bob Williams and Len Seligman playing together beautifully. The percussion driving force was added by Len's brother, Jon. Here is a clip from the song "Standing Still." Carey Creed - Standing Still

J.P. Reali - The Road To Mississippi

J.P. Reali is involved in the Washington DC music scene in multiple ways. He works at The Kennedy Center as part of the audio and production staff, then performs at various venues in the evenings and on weekends. His new CD, produced by Pete Ragusa, is a collection of many of his original songs. We recorded it at Cue Recording in Falls Church and I mixed it in my office mixing suite. Here is a piece of the title track "The Road To Mississippi." J.P. Reali - The Road To Mississippi

J.P. wrote 10 of the songs on this CD. His brother Chris wrote one, and they co-wrote another. This CD was nominated for the Washington Area Music Assocation 2012 awards for Best Blues/Traditional R&B Recording and Best Record Design. J.P has also received WAMMIE nominations for "Best Blues Instrumentalist," and "Best Traditional Blues Recording" for 2010 and 2011. Mark Wenner from The Nighthwawks plays harmonica on this clip of  "My Soul Or Skin" J.P. Reali - My Soul Or Skin'

We got Pete out from behind the producer's desk and put him behind the drum kit, along with John Previti on bass, and then channeled Elmore James for this one. We did all the recording at Cue Recording in Falls Church, Virginia. Here is a clip from the song "Bloozin' In NYC." J.P. Reali - Bloozin' In NYC

mz imani - They Dreamt About Us

All of this CD was recorded at mz. imani's home in Mt. Airy, Maryland. It's all percussion and voice, with didjeridoo on one piece. Just about all of the percussion instruments and equipment were hand made of natural materials, or objects found in nature. Here is a part of "Golden Keys." Imani White - Golden Keys

We started on the full moon in October of 2009 working with her circle of musicians, singers, and on occassion, a chef who kept us very well fed. Most of this CD was mixed at mz. imani's home, with some extra mixing in my office. This is a clip of "Mother, Help Us." mz. imani - Mother Help Us'

mz. imani travels the world teaching, conducting spiritual ceremonys, and promoting a planetary shift in consciousness - a shift towards peace and harmony. More information is available at Here is a clip of the title song "They Dreamt Of Us." mz. imani - They Dreamt Of Us

T. Edwin Doss - Out On Rocky's Run
T. Edwin Doss
Out On Rocky's Run

T. Edwin Doss, a singer/songwriter originally from Alabama, moved to the Washington DC area in the 70's. With literally hundreds of original songs to chose from, we finally whittled it down to 14. Here is a clip from "Everybody Believes That But Me." T. Edwin Doss - Everybody Believes That But Me

Paul Bell (guitar,) Johnny Castle (bass,) and Pete Ragusa (drums) from The Nighthawks were the band for "T's" studio sessions, along with Grammy winner Jon Carroll on piano. With John Jensen on trombone, here is part of  "Ain't It Amazin'. " T. Edwin Doss - Ain't It Amazin'

We also had Amy Nazarov and Caryn Fox from Dead Men's Hollow join Jon Carroll to provide background vocals on half of the songs. Jon's vocal arrangements are beautiful, and there aren't many people who are more fun to work with in the studio. Patty Reese sang harmony parts on two songs as well. "T's" vocals were mostly recorded at his home on Lake Anna near Fredericksburg, Va. We mixed half the CD there and half in my office. Here is a clip from the title song, "Out On Rocky's Run." T. Edwin Doss - Out On Rocky's Run

Carey Creed - Peace Of Wild Things
Winner of
Two Wammie Awards!

Carey Creed is a singer/songwriter with a dedicated following in the Washington DC region. She has very deep emotional conncections with the songs she performs, whether they are her own compositions or songs by other artists. The CD was produced by Carey and Jody Marshall, and almost all of it was recorded at Carey's home. This is an excerpt of "Before I Go," written by Steve Seskin and Doug Gill. Carey Creed - Before I Go

Carey won TWO Wammie Awards for her hard work on this CD: Best Folk Contemporary Vocalist and Best Folk Contemporary Recording. Congratulations!!! Glad to have been a part of it. Carey has lots of help here with harmony vocals provided by Grace Griffith and Jody Marshall, doing "Blue Boat Home" by Peter Mayer. Carey Creed - Blue Boat Home

Dead Men's Hollow - Death Must Be A Woman
Winner of
Two Wammie Awards!

Dead Men's Hollow has released their third CD of "Acoustic Americana," all recorded in their home in Clifton, Va., and mixed at my office. The Washington Post described them as " of our area's most talented traditional acts." Here is a bit of " Ain't Got The Blues." Dead Men's Hollow - Ain't Got The Blues

These folks won two Wammie Awards, for "Best Bluegrass Duo/Group" and "Best Bluegrass Recording" for this CD. They feel very honored to be recognized for their efforts, and I am proud to have been a part of it. We are already discussing the next project. Here is a clip of "William And Annie." Dead Men's Hollow - William And Annie

Dead Men's Hollow - Forever True
Winner of  Three
Wammie Awards!

We recorded most of  Dead Men's Hollow debut CD, "Forever True," at their home in Centreville, Virginia, and mixed it there as well. This collection of "Acoustic Americana" songs about drinkin', lovin' and killin', won the band 3 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Association) awards including "Best Bluegrass Duo/Group," "Best Bluegrass Recording," and "Best Debut Recording" and has received a lot of radio airplay. Thanks for the nice comments, folks! Dead Men's Hollow, My Latest Sun Is Sinking

The Nighthawks - American Landscape

For over 40 years, The Nighthawks have been traveling the world, playing their brand of roots rock and blues, and they still pack concert halls and clubs wherever they appear. "American Landscape" is their first studio recording with their newest members, Paul Bell on guitar and Johnny Castle on bass. I've known these folks since 1976 and always enjoy working with them Here is a chunk of "Big Boy." The Nighthawks - Big Boy

We did virtually all the recording at Cue Recording in Falls Church, Va, and then mixed it in my office. If you live in the DC area and see these guys are playing at The State Theater in Falls Church, come out to see a great show. Odds are I will be doing the live mix for them. Here is one of their originals, "Jana Lea." The Nighthawks - Jana Lea

Thomas Pandolfi - Into The Night

Thomas Pandolfi is an internationally acclaimed concert pianist. We recently worked on two CDs concurrently, using the beautiful Falcone piano at St. Luke Catholic Church in McLean, Virginia. No artificial ambience was used for these recordings since the sound of the church was so lush and wonderful. "Strike Up The Band " is a track from a collection of Gershwin pieces we recorded there. The other CD is a collection of compositions by famous Polish composers. Thomas regularly performs with orchestras throughout Europe. Thomas Pandolfi, Strike Up The Band

Olney Big Band - Generations

The Olney Big Band focuses on the "Swing Band" music of the 1930's and 40's. Under the direction of "Rip" Rice (who also plays tenor sax,) the OBB plays regularly around the Washington DC area, and performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in July 2008. The band members range in age from teens to several members in their 80's. We recorded the entire CD in one afternoon in a volunteer fire station ballroom - no alarms sounded the entire time! Olney Big Band, My Buddy

Jody Marshall - Cottage In The Glen

Jody Marshall and I worked on her debut solo recording, "Cottage in the Glen," which was released on the Maggie's Music label (MM232). This enchanting album includes original and traditional music performed on hammered dulcimer and piano, with a host of talented guest artists joining in. It received several WAMA nominations including "Debut Recording of the Year." Neal Walters of Dulcimer Players News wrote in the Spring 2005 issue, "This is superb recording...." Here is a clip of the medley "Three Sisters/Little Martha." Jody Marshall, Three Sisters/Little Martha

Tesla Cover
This is the "Closing Theme" for "Tesla: Master of Lightning"; a wonderful show that aired on PBS. Composed, arranged, and produced by Charlie Barnett, recording and mixing this soundtrack was a joy and honor for me. Audio Button
Tesla contributed so much to our knowledge of electricity, yet he isn't very well known. This program reveals a lot of information. Here is part of the "Exposition Theme." Audio Button

Holocaust: The Untold Story
Here are two haunting themes from "Holocaust: The Untold Story." The soundtrack contains some very appropriate music for an emotionally moving film. Audio Button
This is another theme from "Holocaust." It was originally aired on The History Channel. Audio Button

Journey Of A Lifetime - Readers Digest
This is from "Journey Of A Lifetime" for Reader's Digest. This three part series depicts travel to many different continents and cultures. Here is the first theme. Audio Button
It is now available on video and DVD. This is another of the common themes used through the film. Audio Button

Secrets of the Ocean Realm Cover
"Secrets of the Ocean Realm" was aired on PBS. This five-part series was filmed by Howard and Michelle Hall, two of the most respected undersea cinematographers in the world. Here is part of the "Main Theme". Audio Button
An excerpt of the "Migration Theme." The entire five-part series has been released as part of the PBS Home Video collection. Audio Button

Rome: Power and Glory
I recorded the soundtrack for "Rome: The Power & Glory" for The Learning Channel. Here is the "Main Titles Theme". Audio Button
This is a three-part series which in now available in VHS and DVD. This is an excerpt which shows some of the "stressed" sounding percussion written for this soundtrack. Audio Button

J Street Jumpers Good For Stompin'
This great "Jump & Swing" band from the Washington DC area released this CD on Severn Records. I recorded two songs and then mixed the entire project. This is part of the title cut. Audio Button
I have been a Louis Jordan fan for many years and this one has been one of my favorites, so I had a great time working on this version of "Fire." Audio Button

Saffire - Ain't Gonna Hush
For Alligator Records I recorded the SAFFIRE "Ain't Gonna Hush" CD. Here is an excerpt from "It Takes A Mighty Good Man." Audio Button
Another from SAFFIRE'S seventh album on Alligator Records, "Unlove Me." I also mixed their live album, "SAFFIRE: Live & Uppity!" Audio Button

Ann Rabson - Music Makin' Mama
Ann Rabson played piano and guitar for SAFFIRE and this is from her Alligator Records solo album, titled "Baby, Every Once In A While" Audio Button
Ann passed away in January 2013. I miss you my friend, and will always remember and cherish the times, music, and laughter we shared. This is also from Ann's first solo album. "No Later On" Audio Button

Eddie From Ohio - Quick
Seeing these folks in concert is amazing, and they are even more fun to work with in the studio. I recorded many of the rhythm tracks for their CD titled "Quick" with Billy Wolf producing. Here is part of the title track. Audio Button
We did the basic rhythm tracking in the Red Room at Cue Recording in Falls Church, Virginia, and then Billy Wolf mixed and mastered it. This is a clip of "Number 6 Driver." Audio Button

DC Accidentals - On Purpose
The DC Accidentals are an a cappella group that cover pop and rock music, sometimes singing the instruments as well as the vocals. Here is an excerpt of "Africa" originally done by Toto. Audio Button
The DC Accidentals CD is titled "On Purpose" and here is their cover of Peter Himmelman's "Closer." Audio Button

Dave Anderson - Out of Nowhere
Here is an excerpt of "Night and Day" from a beautiful jazz album called "Out of Nowhere" I did with The Dave Anderson Trio. Audio Button
We did the entire album using analog tape, including mixing. It sounded better to everybody. Another clip from The Dave Anderson Trio, performing "Fragile." Audio Button

Chaise Lounge - The Early Years
From Washington DC, doing "martini music" and covering the Talking Heads, this is Chaise Lounge "lounging up" "Burning Down The House." Audio Button
I recorded, mixed, and co-produced this project. A Chaise Lounge original, called "Ipso Facto." Audio Button

The Nighthawks - Still Wild
I recorded The Nighthawks 19th album, released in 1998. This is a clip from "Guard My Heart." Audio Button
The Nighthawks still do about 150 shows each year, touring from coast to coast with the occassional international trip. Here's an excerpt of "That's The Way Love Is." Audio Button

Rude Buddha - Underdogs
Bangin' and slammin' around DC and the East Coast, here is Rude Buddha doing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song." Audio Button
Rude Buddha worked on this CD for about 2 years, and the longer they worked, the better they got. This is a clip of P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect.) Audio Button

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