Home Studio Consulting and Lessons

Home Studio Consulting Lessons

Another service I provide is home studio consulting  lessons, including instruction in home recording engineering. These are personalized, one-on-one recording lessons, targeting specific techniques topics that you would choose. Here are some things to consider.

  • Are you recording yourself at home and want to get better results?
  • Thinking about recording at home but confused by all the equipment options?
  • Does your church or house of worship have a PA system but things just don’t sound right?
  • Planning on building a studio in your home or rehearsal space?

I’ve been a professional audio engineer for over 30 years, doing both studio recording and live show/event mixing. For 5 years, I was a recording engineer and instructor at the Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences in Rockville, Maryland.

My free-lance audio engineering career began in 2001. Around this time, prices were dropping on quality recording equipment, so the number of home studios was increasing. I started getting requests for home studio lessons, and now teaching is often on my weekly schedule.

I’ve visited dozens of home recording set-ups to give “hands-on” lessons. The advantage of this type of instruction is I give personalized instruction on how to operate YOUR gear in your personal working environment. Before I visit a client, I ask them to write down the problems, issues and topics that they want to cover, and that becomes the lesson plan we follow.

Home Studio Construction

If you are considering building and equipping a complete recording studio within an existing space, I can help with design plans and equipment suggestions. Recording studios often go through renovations, to add or maximize space, and I’ve spent many hours swinging hammers, hanging drywall, and spreading paint. I’ve seen how good sounding studios are built, from empty spaces to grand opening parties. Home studio consulting services can help you create the space you need.

I can also give recommendations on recording gear upgrades. Computers, audio interfaces, software, outboard gear, microphones, headphone systems, whatever you have in mind. I might even have suggestions for equipment options that you never considered before.

If your church, synagogue, or house of worship, has a PA system, and things don’t sound right, I can help. Together, we can trouble shoot your PA system and help you optimize your sound gear. I can provide training to the head technician, or the entire audio staff if needed. I’ve helped churches all around the Washington DC area organize, clean-up, repair, and optimize their PA systems.

So call me, email or text me. I can help your home studio be more efficient, advance your recording and mixing skils improve, or make your PA sound better.  Daytimes, evenings, or weekends are available.

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