Recording Projects


Here are clips of some of the recording projects I’ve done, along with a listing of clients I’ve worked with.
Thanks to the artists, producers, record labels, and video networks for allowing me to post examples of their recordings.

Ken & Brad Kolodner

"The Swift House"

Two recording projects with Ken & Brad Kolodner - The Swift House
"The Swift House" - Ken & Brad Kolodner

This is the second of two recording projects I’ve done with Ken & Brad Kolodner.  We recorded “The Swift House” CD in their lovely old house in Baltimore, Maryland. French doors between the living room and sun room gave us enough isolation, but still allowed visual contact. The first clip is part of a medley where they transition from “Coleman’s March” into “Snake River Reel.”

Whenever possible, we had all four musicians playing together. For the second clip, Ken & Brad are joined by Rachel Eddy on guitar, and Alex Lacquement on bass for “I’ve Endured.”

Ken & Brad Kolodner

Recording Projects RHL Audio

Ken & Brad at the WAMU studio playing “The Swift House” with Alex Lacquement on bass.

"Skipping Rocks"

"Skipping Rocks" recorded by Chris Murphy
"Skipping Rocks" - Ken & Brad Kolodner

I also recorded “Skipping Rocks” in Ken and Brad’s house in Baltimore, and we mixed it in my office. Robin Bullock played guitar and mandolin, Alex Lacquement played double bass, Elke Baker played viola and additional fiddle parts, and Kagey Parrish sang harmony vocals.

Recording Projects RHL Audio

Ken & Brad at the WAMU studio playing “Skipping Rocks.”

Seven Mile Walk

"He Knows Me"

Recording projects - "He Knows Me"
"He Knows Me" - Seven Mile Walk

Andreas Barrett and John Jackson shared song writing duties on their first CD collaboration. They direct and play for the contemporary services in their Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va. To perform these arrangements, they enlisted members of the church and local music community. Among these were several members of various armed forces musical organizations, and Grammy award winner Jon Carroll. We recorded various parts at several different Virginia recording studios, and also included some home recording

Owen Danoff

"Never Trust A Man"

Never Trust A Man recorded by Chris Murphy
"Never Trust A Man" - Owen Danoff

It was a quick trip out to Leesburg, Virginia, where I recorded Owen Danoff and his band in autumn of 2012 at Jon Carroll’s home. We got 5 rhythm tracks and some over dubs finished in 2 days. 

 Producer Jon Carroll is a frequent contributor to recording projects I work on. I did the rhythm section recording and some of the overdubs.  Then Jon took over. He recorded the rest of the over dubs including his own vocal, guitar and keyboard parts, and then did the mixing. Here are excerpts from “On & On & On,” and “Have I Ever Fallen.”

Carey Creed

"Small Braveries"

Two recording projects with Carey Creed, Small Braveries
Small Braveries - Carey Creed

It was a  pleasure to work with Carey Creed on her latest CD. We co-produced the project, and I recorded and mixed it. She brought in a group of wonderful, talented musicians who all worked extremely hard to help Carey express what was in her heart. The first clip is a piece of “Shine All Your Light,” written by Carey. She decided to go with an ‘island style” groove on this one, and Paul Bell’s acoustic guitar just propelled the song forward. He then added a percolating guitar part, followed by a wonderful solo that just dovetails seamlessly back into the bridge.

We did most of the recording at her home in Maryland. This second clip features guitar work by Bob Williams and Len Seligman, playing together beautifully. The percussion driving force was added by Len’s brother, Jon. Here is a clip from the song “Standing Still.”

Dead Men's Hollow

"Death Must Be A Woman"

Dead Men's Hollow Death Must Be A Woman - Home Recording
"Death Must Be A Woman" - Dead Men's Hollow

We recorded all of Dead Men’s Hollow’s 3rd CD  in their home in Clifton, Va., and we mixed it at my office. The Washington Post described them as “…one of our area’s most talented traditional acts.” These folks won two Wammie Awards, for “Best Bluegrass Duo/Group”and “Best Bluegrass Recording” for this CD. They’re very honored to be recognized for their efforts, and I am proud to have been a part of it.  Here are clips of “Ain’t Got The Blues,” and “William And Annie.”

Laura Tsaggaris

"Live At The Atlas"

Laura Tsaggaris Live At The Atlas RHL Audio
"Live At The Atlas" - Laura Tsaggaris

The Atlas Performing Arts Center in northeast Washington DC was where I recorded Laura Tsaggaris‘ concert CD titled “Live At The Atlas.” She had a great backing band, including a string quartet. I recorded both nights of Laura’s show, then it was mixed in Los Angeles by her producer Jamie Candiloro. Here are excerpts from “Warning Signs” and “We Belong.”

Recording Projects RHL Audio


And check out her vdeo clip of “To Sleep Is To Dream”, also from the Atlas concert.

J. P. Reali

"The Road To Mississippi"

The Road To Mississippi recorded by Chris Murphy
"The Road to Mississippi" - J. P. Reali

This CD, produced by Pete Ragusa, is a collection of  his  original songs. We recorded it at Cue Recording in Falls Church and I mixed it in my office mixing suite. It was nominated for the Washington Area Music Assocation 2012 awards for “Best Blues/Traditional R&B Recording” and “Best Record Design.” The first audio clip a piece of the title track, “The Road To Mississippi.”

Then we got Pete out from behind the producer’s desk and put him behind the drum kit, along with John Previti on bass, and then channeled Elmore James for this one. Here is a clip from the song “Bloozin’ In NYC.”

The Nighthawks

"Blue Moon In Your Eye"

Blue Moon In Your Eyes recorded by Chris Murphy
"Live At The Barns At Wolf Trap" - The Nighthawks

I recorded The Nighthawks “Live at The Barns at Wolf Trap” in 2006. I first met Mark Wenner while I was an intern at Track Recorders, when the Hawks were working on their 4th album, “Side Pocket Shot.” Forty years later, the Hawks are still out on the road, and I still do some shows with them, doing their live mixing. This was the third album project i recorded and mixed for them. The first two, “Still Wild,” and “American Landscape,” were studio projects I did with them while I was working at Cue Recording in Falls Church, Virginia.

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